5 Reasons to Try Efoil Surfing

5 Reasons to Try Efoil Surfing

Efoil surfing offers unique thrills with easier learning curves, longer rides regardless of wave conditions, and a reduced environmental footprint

Reasons to Try Efoil Surfing

Efoil surfing is a unique approach to water sports that combines the excitement of surfing with the convenience of electric power. As a result, this approach makes it possible to take advantage of the benefits of both water recreation forms – despite the absence of waves, which can be a limiting factor in some cases.

Opportunities Broadened

Since Efoil boards do not require typical wave conditions, they can be used for surfing in the absence of waves – for example, on lakes, rivers, and calm oceanic sites. As a result, destinations highly unfavorable to wave activity, such as the Serene Lake in Colorado, suddenly become favorite spots. Indeed, this way of surfing makes it possible to perform it widely, irrespective of the wave activity.

Technology Enhanced

Efoil boards use electric motors which make it far easier to maintain the speed and, therefore, provide the surfer with an opportunity to carry out maneuvers that would be extremely challenging, if not impossible. For instance, such events as the Annual Efoil Surfing Championship allow the participants to display the full potential of the boards, showing off their ability to make sharp turns and run at an increased speed.

Fitness Promoting

Another important benefit of e-foiling is its remarkable potential for making people fitter. Exercises on an Efoil board help strengthen the core as well as improve balance and coordination. Additionally, the ease of use, which allows a wider demographic to consider it, attracts older adults and people far removed from water sports – for example, those who live on lands geographically unfavorable to the conditions required for classic surfing.

Better for the Environment

Furthermore, e-foils to not pollute the environment, which is the case with classic boards that require gasoline. Instead, the foils use electric energy to operate and, therefore, need to be recharged. This advantage makes it possible to use renewable sources of energy to recharge the devices, thus making the process completely environmentally friendly.

Community Building

As a result of the increased interest toward Efoil surfing, certain clubs and communities such as the Global Efoil Surfers Association have been formed. These groups offer the opportunity to gather for different types of events, including races and social meetings. Thus, apart from the intrinsically valuable propensities, this group activity provides an opportunity to share experiences and skills through social learning.


Access to More Water Bodies

  • The first convincing reason to at least try Efoil surfing is its versatility in different water bodies. While traditional surfing is totally dependent on the presence of waves, Efoil boards are utterly wave- independent and do not require waves to perform. Therefore, this option opens a massive opportunity for many amateur surfers to have fun. Specifically, Efoils open new landscapes for surfers who could not enjoy the waves. As Korfhage claims, at the Lake Tahoe in the USA or the Mediterranean Sea, the waves could be entirely passive, but surfers can enjoy their e-ride without challenges. Hence, with Efoil surfing, one can enjoy the new waters by gliding above them due to the absence of waves.

  • Secondly, due to the feature provided by the electric motor, the speed with which one can ride is consistent. Since such speed is more comfortable to maintain, the maneuverability of Efoil surfing becomes better. Ultimately, one can ride large distances with a motor that is continuous and sudden, without any holdups, which is difficult to do with paddle boarding. Hence, the large areas potentially opened for surfing or any other waters invading activity can now be “invaded” at once. Correspondingly, the ability to perform Efoil surfing in dry places significantly determined the number of interested customers who want to enjoy water sports. According to “ Surfing Equipment Market – Global Outlook and Forecast 2021-2027,” the number of interested surfers is growing, so more clubs and hotels adapted rentable Efoil equipment for various levels from beginners to seasoned wave sharks.

Extend Your Surfing Time

One of the prominent advantages of Efoil surfing is related to the fact that it extends the duration of the ride more than multiple times. Naturally, it is beneficial to the overall experience, but it also increases the flexibility when it comes to being able to surf when and where the surfer wishes.

Less Dependable on Natural Conditions

One of the points to consider is that if the surfers do not use Efoil boards, there is a range of waves no rider can surf on. Moreover, the waiting times for the appropriate waves significantly reduce the time when the surfer can be on the water. Meanwhile, the Efoil board is almost guaranteed to deliver continuous ride time due to the electric motor, which allows the surfer to move steadily without being staved by the waves. For example, one study found out that the average surfing session on natural waves lasted around 8−11 seconds. Meanwhile, an Efoil ride in a similar condition might last as long as one wants, making the board a perfect solution, which allows the sport to be available throughout the year in a range of locations.

Long, Continuous Rides

Another benefit of Efoil riding, which is also associated with the availability of electric motors, is that the riders can make the rides last longer. More specifically, the riders are capable of “pumping” the boards on the water, where they use their knees to move the board up and down, and it allows the rider to move the board forward. It is especially beneficial for the battery, which lasts longer and allows the riders to surf for an hour or longer with one battery, being conditioned by the size of the battery and the rider’s skills. Meanwhile, natural waves do not allow the rider to make continuous motions and the position on the board is largely determined by the waves.

Variety of Mediums

Moreover, Efoil surfing allows the rider to maintain the surf for the length of time on a range of water bodies as surfers are not dependable on the oceanic waves. Therefore, the Great Lakes in the U.S. become a location where surfing can be continuous due to the generally calm waters. Naturally, some surfers prefer such conditions in comparison to the ocean where the waves can carry the rider far ashore. Similarly, other water bodies like large lakes, rivers, and reservoirs are not characterized by the “correct” waves on which the rider can surf and the availability of the waves significantly decreases the ride time. Due to Efoil boarding, the ride can be extended to these water bodies.

Reduction of Learning Time

Of all the above, it can be concluded that Efoil surfing reduces the time of the learning period. More specifically, the first time surfer is on the board, s/he can surf much longer than if a natural wave is used, partially because the motions made on the board are now completely dependant on the rider. Naturally, the rider also learns faster as the practice is longer. Many of the above-mentioned are also essential to more advanced riders.

Easy to Learn for Beginners

Efoil surfing is known for its accessibility, especially for beginners. Efoils are specifically designed and incorporated with technology that makes them a great choice for new water sports enthusiasts and provides for a gentler learning curve compared to conventional stand-up foiling.

Stability and Control

The primary reason Efoil surfing is easier for beginners is the hydrofoil design that provides enhanced stability to the surf. In Efoils, a hydrofoil lifts the board up and out of the water, minimizing choppy motion that makes conventional surfing difficult to learn. Stability means a fresh new surfer can adequately balance and be more confident in the barely two or three introductory sessions and is usually able to ride, and that might often require several weeks to master in the case of a regular Efoil. Besides, the hydrofoil provides a greater ability to lean and turn, with a lower center of gravity. Arguably, a lower center of gravity translates to increased control on the board.

Speed Settings

Efoil boards come with adjustable speed settings that can be shifted to match the surfers’ ability. For instance, newcomers can try out the slow speeds first before accelerating as they master the sport. The ability for riders to customize and use their speeds offers the added advantage of tailoring their introductory experience and learning session. The variable speed setting is safe since Efoils intuitively sense when there is a newcomer who could be adjusting to the learning curve.

Reduced Physical Demand

Efoil surfing does not demand strong paddling capabilities, unlike conventional surfing, where a newcomer must contend with the exhausting nature of paddling, leaning, and sailing against the unforgiving waves of the water body. Efoil is made even easier with the use of an electric motor that powers the Efoil, a great advantage to individuals who may not possess high levels of fitness or are learning the sport. Although experienced water sports enthusiasts might not be necessarily discouraged by the physical demands of the sport, the reduced physical also translates to a more relaxed learning session.

Immediate Access

The motorized feature of Efoil boards means learners can start the foiling session with an available ride on calm water bodies, lakes, or mildly choppy water with no need to wait for the perfect wave. Mixed water conditions with unfavorable waves can be a great hindrance to entering the vast water world. If there is a leisure water site nearby and the weather permits, there is no need to wait for the perfectly ideal wave.

Minimal Environmental Impact

Efoil surfing is an environmentally friendly water sport due its electric power, which makes it less harmful to the environment than usual fuel powered watercraft.

Electric Powered Propulsion

All efoil board have an electric motor served by a battery. This is an advantage for two particular reasons: the first is that the electric motor provides power in complete silence; the second is that the absence of exhaust leave the water cleaner. In contrast, motorized watercraft have a directly fired internal combustion engine uses an exhaust system to vent exhaust gas from the engine and the propeller does not lie in the water therefore it does not provide the same reaction overcoming by the water environment. 

Low Noise Pollution

Noise pollution of aquatic environments is an ecologically important issue. The functioning of a motorized vehicle beneath the surface of water is a key factor disrupting the behavior, physiology and the external structures of aquatic animals such as dolphins, which depend on hand signals and mouth acoustics frequency to navigate i.e. the acoustic senses of the animals are destroyed and they could end up in dangerous situations like beaching when they fail to detect beaches and then an environmental debauchment could arise. Fool and ing; 1998. For this reason, efoil boards should not expose the high level of noise that harbors marinas and notes expose due to its engine that is housed in the vessel structure. On the contrary, jet skis and motorboat are known for their noises.

No Wake Surfing

Due to its hydrofoil design, there is low wake produced as efoils are lifted off the surface of the water. Thus, since the boards do not lay in the water it can not usually drag and create high wake or turbulent waters. This ensures reduced shoreline erosion and reduced sub-surface decimation by boats; usually the most affected sub surface habitats are lake and river shores.

Energy Efficiency

The design of efoil boards ensures the best use of power provoduced by the engine or a battery. Modern efolis provide a ride of up to several hours and the battery life is still improving as well as power consumption.

Sustainable Manufacturing Practices

Efoil Providers work towards using eco-friendly materials or recycled for making boards and others use the eco-energy certificates from renewably generating production facilities.
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